Please enjoy CAFE HAYASHI’s original “Fermentation + Sweets”, where you can feel the natural sweetness and umami produced by traditional ingredients such as sake lees, rice malt, and miso grown in the climate of Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture. The menu changes with the seasons, as we use locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Fermentation + Sweets Set Menu


Hakko Teori Bako-Fermentation Light Meals and Sweets Box with Drink [Reservation required] Order by 14:00
A two-tiered box containing 4 types of fermentation-themed snacks and 4 types of fermentation + sweets (seasonal selection). It is a recommended set where you can enjoy a slightly luxurious light meal or a casual afternoon tea. Quantities are limited, so please forgive us when they are sold out. Advance reservations are recommended.

2,500 yen (tax included)

Sweets Box

Fermentation + Sweets Box with Drink
A luxurious selection of 5 seasonal fermented sweets, recommended for those who want to eat a little bit of various sweets. You can choose your favorite drink as a set. Quantities are limited, so please forgive us when they are sold out. Advance reservations are recommended.

1,900 yen (tax included)

CAFE HAYASHI 発酵+スイーツ・ドリンクセット

Fermentation + Sweets Drink Set
Any Fermentation + Sweets, any Drink, and Original pickles.

1,150 yen (tax included)

Fermentation + Sweets Single Item Menu

CAFE HAYASHI チーズとクルミのケーキ

Cheese and Walnut Cake
A cheesecake made with homemade sake lees soy milk yoghurt mixed with plenty of walnuts from Joetsu. It is a fermentation + sweet that has a unique richness but a light taste and a slight flavor of sake lees.

Single Item 600 yen  with Drink 1,150 yen

Salt Koji(Malt) Chocolate Brownie
A light chocolate brownie made with okara from a tofu shop in Joetsu. Furthermore, with the addition of shio koji, you can enjoy the delicious salty taste of this fermented and sweets without feeling guilty.

Single Item 600 yen  with Drink 1,150 yen

CAFE HAYASHI 発酵あんこの白玉あんみつーツメニュー

Shiratama Anmitsu with Fermented Red Bean Paste
We fermented koji and azuki beans made at the brewery of Sechubai sake to make a living bean paste. It is a body-friendly fermentation + sweets that you can feel the natural sweetness of rice malt and adzuki beans. Shiratama dumplings and handmade agar made into a cool anmitsu.

Single Item 600 yen  with Drink 1,150 yen

Sakura Terrine with Homemade Soy Milk Yogurt
This terrine has a smooth texture and is made with plenty of homemade soy milk yogurt fermented with lactic acid bacteria from sake lees. This is a spring-only fermented + sweet that has a rich but not overpowering taste thanks to soy milk yogurt and cheese, and a subtle scent of cherry blossoms.

Single Item 600 yen  with Drink 1,150 yen

Pot-roasted Sweet Potato and Fermented Red Bean Omelette
Sticky, sweet and delicious sweet potato and fermented red bean paste from Joetsu’s “Tsuboyaki Ichihachi” are sandwiched between custard cream and whipped cream. Fermented sweets that are eaten with fluffy vanilla-flavored pancakes.

Single Item 600 yen  with Drink 1,150 yen


Sechubai sake, which is made at the Maruyama Sake Brewery in Sanwa Ward, Joetsu City, is a Japanese sake that is painstakingly made using soft well water and traditionally hand-made koji, in a good environment of satoyama. At CAFE HAYASHI, we use Sechubai sake lees and rice malt.

Drink Menu

Hayashi Tominaga Original Blended Coffee
An original blended coffee that goes well with fermented and sweets.

550 yen

Snow Aging Japanese Black Tea
Domestic black tea is left to rest in a moist snow room, giving it a slightly sweet and gentle taste. Try straight.

550 yen

Echigo Roasted Stem Green Tea
Contains Koshihikari brown rice from Joetsu, and has the aroma of roasted green tea and the sweetness of Koshihikari brown rice.

550 yen

Homemade Ginger Lemon Vinegar
A refreshing drink of lemon and ginger soaked in vinegar and syrup mixed with hot tea.

550 yen

Hoozuki Jelly Juice
This is a jelly-made juice made from pesticide-free edible Japanese scallops grown in Asahi Village, Shinshu. There is ice cubes of jam floating in the shape of hoozuki.

550 yen

Herbal Tea
Choose from 2 types of mint tea or rose tea.

550 yen

It’s 100% fruit juice.

550 yen


A seat overlooking the front garden (moss garden)


Private room overlooking the front garden (moss garden)


Private room overlooking the courtyard


Requests to Visitors
The Hayashi-Tominaga-Tei is a designated cultural property of Joetsu City, and is a valuable historical building and garden that has been carefully maintained and managed for a long time. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in the following matters so that everyone can have a pleasant stay.

– Kido (approach from the road) is a narrow gravel road and you cannot pass each other. Please make sure there are no oncoming vehicles and slow down.
– Please wear socks from the viewpoint of indoor protection. Also, we may ask you to refrain from entering the room with wet or dirty feet or clothes.
– Please do not touch the pillars, fittings, glass, exhibits, etc., as it may lead to damage or stains.
– Please refrain from making noise, running, etc.
– Smoking is prohibited on the premises. We also refuse to bring in dangerous goods.
– Please do not enter areas where entry is prohibited. In addition, please follow the instructions of employees and staff.

For reservations and inquiries, please contact us by phone (9:00-18:00) or email.025-532-2602Please be aware that we cannot receive calls that are set to non-notifications.