Sale of Selected Products
CAFE HAYASHI sells the products offered at the cafe and products related to fermentation at the store.
Please buy it as a memento of your visit to Hayashi-Tominaga-Tei or CAFE HAYASHI, as a souvenir for a close friend, or as a small item.

Hayashi-Tominaga Original Blend Coffee Drip Bag
CAFE HAYASHI’s popular original blended coffee drip bag (1 piece) that goes well with fermented and sweets. There are a total of 5 types of packages that use photographs of the beautiful scenery and atmosphere of the Hayashi-Tominaga-Tei. It is a convenient product that can be purchased individually or in bulk, as a small souvenir, or as a reminder for yourself.

300 yen / each


Hayashi-Tominaga Original Blend Coffee
CAFE HAYASHI’s original blended coffee (powder, 150g) that is popular with fermented and sweets. The coffee beans used are Brazil No.2 60% and Ethiopia Irigachev G2 Washed 40%.

1,000 yen

Yukimuro Meicha Series
This is a series of tea bags including Yukimuro Japanese black tea, which is popular at CAFE HAYASHI, Yukimuro green tea, and Yukimuro rice tea.
Yukimuro Japanese Black Tea : It has a slightly sweet and gentle taste that is made by letting domestic black tea rest in a moist snow room.
Yukimuro Green Tea : This green tea is made by aging carefully selected tea leaves just before freezing to increase the umami component.
Yukimuro Rice Tea : Matcha is blended with green tea aged in a snow room. Combined with Niigata Koshihikari brown rice, you can enjoy the deliciousness and aroma of this product.

550 yen / each (5 tea bags)


Koji Rikka Curry
Koji Rokka Curry, a vegetable soup-style curry with doburoku, has six gentleness.
– Gluten-free using rice flour from Niigata Prefecture
– 28 items allergen-free
– Meat-free
– Soup-style curry made with vegetables
– Uses branded vegetables “Yukitaro radish”
– With doburoku, a specialty of Maki Ward, Joetsu City

650 yen / each

Sake Brewery Face Mask (Hidamori)
A face mask that contains highly nutritious Japanese sake (Hidamori / Sechubai) and sake lees of Sechubai. If you use it after washing your face or after taking a bath, the beauty ingredients contained in Sechubai and sake lees of Sechubai will moisturize your skin and improve its texture.

650 yen